Print Stickers for profit
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Have fun and make money - what could be better?

If you have some create flair and are looking for a home-based business that is profitable, easy to run from home and requires very little skills - then you have just found it!

Printing stickers is very profitable  with our unique ‘Sticker Printer’. Our Sticker Printer is compact and takes up just amount of footspace. When connected to a PC, it allows you to design, create and print a wide range of stickers for a very large market.   

Your Customers
You could not be more fortunate than being able to capture such a large and diverse market. Here are examples of your potential customers:-

* Bumper Stickers
* Security Stickers
* Warning Stickers for Homes, Business Premises, Vehicles etc.
* Disability Stickers
* Stickers for Bikes, Boats, Skate Boards, Helmets etc.
* Stickers for Guitars, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Mirrors, Glass/Doors,
   Candles, Gift Bags etc.
* Shelving Stickers/Product Identifiers
* Labelling for Bottles and Jars
* Baby on Board Stickers
* Rear Car Windscreen Stickers for advertising
... the list goes on and on!

The Business Opportunity
Printing and supplying custom printed stickers

We give you 25,000 fonts to unleash your creativity +
Free CD containing 100’s of clipart/images.

You also receive a full graphics software package
to create your own designs.

Copyright 2017    Creative Printers of London
So what do I need to get started?

This package is all you need to get going at just £350.00+VAT!

1) 1 x Sticker Printer (for printing Bumper Stickers and General stickers) - 200dpi
2) AC Power Adapter (Suitable for USA and rest of the world too).
3) USB Cable (We don't charge extra for this).
4) Instruction Manual in full colour (pdf)
5) Free design software (download)
6) Software CD containing: Printer Driver, PDF Manual
7) 1 x 110mm Roll of bumper sticker foil (For you to practice with).
8) 1 x 87mm x 50m Roll of self-adhesive bumper sticker vinyl
    (For you to practice with).
9) 1 x Squeegee
10) 12 Months warranty, back to base.
11) + Free external holder for holding a roll of vinyl

Ongoing supplies are available from us as follows:

Foils (110mm wide x 50m in length)
£9.99+VAT each

Colours available: Black, White, Red, Green, Reflex Blue, Turquoise and Yellow

Self-adhesive Vinyl (87mm wide x 50m in length)

Colours available:
Black, Clear, Light Blue, Light Yellow,
Orange, Pink, Red, Reflex Blue, White.

Self-adhesive Vinyl
(50mm wide x 50m in length) Narrower Vinyl

Colours available: Clear, Yellow, White

Easy to run business
You can run this business from home, office or alongside an existing business, at hours to suit you. You simply receive orders and payment,  print them and post them in a small envelope. There are no plate charges and there is no messy ink involved - the entire process is clean and dry -  and the product can be handled immediately after printing.

Here is the proof of what others are making
So you do not think we are hyping this up, please click onto this link to see proof of how many stickers others are selling per month on sites such as eBay etc.  Do your own research, don’t take our word for it!  People are happy to spend a couple of pounds on a sticker and those pounds soon add up to sizeable income every month!

Easy to process orders
If you are selling online, then it is very simple these days to set up a shop for ‘ready made’ stickers which others just buy and pay for online. Once payment has been received, you simply pop them in an envelope and post them by second class post - what could easier.

You would naturally spend a little bit of time initially in creating your sticker designs, but once done and saved in your files, you simply upload and press the print button - what could be easier than that? Encourage your customers to buy more stickers by giving extra small incentives(eg buy second one as less 25% etc)

Longlasting Business Potential!
Stickers will always be in demand, it’s upto you to do a little bit of thinking, create a sticker and sell it online. As an example, if you love dogs or cats, create dog and cat stickers and sell them online. Or, if you love Caravanning, then why not create stickers for that market - people just love them!

Look at the list of markets mentioned above and you will see a whole new world opening up. Next time you are out and about, look around and you will be pleasantly surprised  as to how many people love or rely on stickers.

Use your imagination! You do not have to always have to copy someone, use your imagination and create a new niche market or adopt a different stance.  For example, rather than the normal stickers you see on the back of cars which says “Baby on Board”, you could create one saying “Baby is Bored” - you get the idea?

Our Graphics Design Software lets you design your own images depending on your level of creativity.
 Using built-in shape tools, you can easily create simple images yourself

To help you along, we will also supply you with many other files on a CD which consists of lots
 of ready-made inspirational clipart - all you do is to import them, write some text and print!

Lots of FREE Clipart to make your stickers even more exciting!